Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day six of the Last 12 Days of Online shopping/shipping~

We're half way there ... day 6 offers this two dimensional scroll saw art ornament for 20% off!

Go to this page to purchase this $25.00 ornament at 20% off, sale price of $20.00!

We operate on Eastern Standard Time, and so web store orders placed by midnight our time on the day of the sale will have the 20% of your purchase REFUNDED to your charge card VIA PAYPAL as soon as the order is filled. There will be no tax added for out-of-state orders, and shipping differences(which result because shipping cost is always a 'best guestimate") will be refunded if the estimate is more than a dollar over the actual shipping cost at the post office. Orders will be shipped within two business days, and will normally go parcel post or first class, depending on weight.