Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter has set in with a ferocity here in Northern Essex County. We're only ten miles from the New Hampshire Border along the Atlantic Coast, but the air is dry and cold this week. Zero degrees overnight, four above in the morning hours, and still in the teens in the early afternoon. It will drop again, but we might have some above freezing temperatures over the weekend.  Might~  that is the key word.

The barn has been very cold these past few weeks, and the snow has been frequent, requiring time from Rick for clearing the driveway, steps and sidewalk out front. His time for working on his scroll saw in the shop has been limited by these climate factors. But he has been gathering patterns and will be ready for some steady work hours when the freeze relents once again.

Here is how our inventory looks now ~ The rocking motorcycles are all sold (one is on layaway but will no doubt be picked up by summer.) The doll cradles, beds, pedestal tables, school desk/chair, and small lap desk have also sold out.

 ~ There are a few pieces of the 18" doll furniture left. We still have three Grandfather Clocks, one each of the Single and Double A-Frame Porch Swings, two Side Chairs, two Chests of Drawers, two China Hutches, two Armoires , and the two toddler-sized Push-Me-Pull-Me sleds. When these last large pieces are gone, they will not be replaced, so purchase or layaway now to hold these items for Valentine's Day, Easter, Birthdays and other gift occasions. Email us at for sale prices and layaway details, or stop in to see us.You can also call us at 978-352-2676 to leave a message and we'll return your call.

Rick will continue making various wooden trucks and vehicles as they are not cumbersome and take up less space in the shop. He'll replace the turtle puzzle and other small items that have sold this season. And he will focus more time on the scroll saw plaques and ornaments as they are easier to ship and store.

In the other room, the Quilters' Quarters is beginning to grow with new wooden/Plexiglas fabric cabinets, more bolts of fabrics, interfacings and battings large and small. The thread drawers are full to capacity with many bright colors and all three brands (Coats/Clarks, Mettler and Gutermann.) The Quilters' Lending Library has an assortment of comprehensive books and magazines for borrowing, and there are other new books for sale as well.  Terry has begun scheduling individual coaching lessons to help quilters and non-quilters choose or design patterns and select fabrics, color schemes, sizes and threads.

The shop hours are now established and predictable: Wednesday through Saturday, 11 am - 7 pm. Other hours can be arranged to fit your schedule; call the shop at 978 352 2676 or 6758 to let us know when you could come by. Individual lessons can be flexible as well.

Remember: the "No Parking" signs out front  are for school hours only (Mon - Friday, 8 am - 4 pm.) Parking is not restricted on the other side of the street (and parents picking up children are often parked there from 2:30 to 3:00 pm, but otherwise it is quite clear.) Evening and weekends you can park on both sides of the street. Our driveway will also accommodate three or four vehicles as well, all of the time.

Rick and I always look forward to seeing friends and family, neighbors and visitors.  Come by and see the changes. We're always open to suggestions!

Be well, and be warm.
~Terry and Rick