Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trophy Golf Cart

Rick enjoys making toys for kids ... toys that don't require batteries, but do encourage imagination. But once in a while, he likes to make toys for grown ups. The item we're going to share with you today is just that: a shelf-sized golf cart and golf club bag.The cart and bag are made of two naturally-contrasting woods: ash and black walnut.

If you're a baseball fan, you know ash as the wood that is used to make baseball bats White ash is light in color, not too heavy in weight, but powerfully strong.  Besides the baseball bat, it is also used to make hockey sticks, and because it is easy to steam-bend, it makes great sled runners, snow shoes, boats and canoe paddles. Black ash is not black but rather a beige color, that retains its beige evenly over time, unlike most woods which will take on a yellow or gray hue with age.

 Instead of a mild contrast between white ash and black ash, Rick chose to strike the more dramatic contrast between white ash and dark walnut. The black walnut is a hardwood often used for its fine grain and natural dark beauty. It  contrasts with the lighter ash beautifully without any stain, which makes it perfect for our uses.

 Rick spent many hours crafting this miniature golf card and bag. The wheels of the cart are made of wood, but their outer tires are a hard rubber, and they were purchased to mimic the look of a real golf cart.  Not intended for the rough and tumble playtime of a child, this trophy of a cart was designed for golfers who love craftsmanship. It has several small parts that would of course be a choking hazard for a small child.

As with all of his beautifully worked naturally blended pieces, you can see Rick's Trophy Golf Cart here in our shop in Georgetown, Massachusetts, or online at our web store: www.woodentoyandgift.net. He made two, with the light and dark woods in reverse order. One has sold, and the other is a treasure waiting to be bought.

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