Saturday, November 22, 2014

Workshop Upstairs, and Showroom Down!

Welcome back to the "New and Improved" Wooden Toy and Gift Shop, now sharing its space with Quilters' Quarters. There is something here for every one.

The smaller tools have been relocated to the new second floor workroom of the barn, and the Wooden Toys and Gifts Showroom has moved into the brighter, renovated (former working space) at the back on the ground floor.

In his upstairs studio Rick has shifted his production to smaller pieces that can be varied and customized. Once known for his original 18" doll furniture, most often admired but not easily sold due to foreign competition with lower prices, he is now being recognized for small and large quality art pieces of scroll-saw work, and lathe-turned natural wood pens and pencils, and a plethora of child powered work trucks and other vehicles.

There is a new and growing supply of small wooden vehicles: collectible models  of sports cars, SUVs and limousines waiting for the new owner's paint brush details.  But they are already quite attractive in their natural wood tones and very safe for little one's hands, though not intended for children under three who might be at risk of putting small items into mouths.
In stock you will find, for the youngest, rolling rattles that clickety-clack across the floor inviting the chase of a crawling baby. For the sand-box-set of toddlers, all wood dump trucks, tow trucks, tractor-trailers with flat beds carrying bull-
dozers, and a new lumber truck complete with rough-cut "log" branches.  The puzzle trucks are as intriguing and challenging to grand-parents as they are to grand-kids.

Simple wooden jig saw puzzles for Valentines are available in sturdy 3/4 inch pine blocks of wood, and there will be more seasonal and holiday-themed puzzles in the months to come.

The newest pieces in the shop are worked by hand on a scroll saw.

Each of these ornaments is backed with quilt-quality 100% cotton. Those without a second layer of wood will allow the sunlight to shine through when hung in a window. The patterns for these ornaments and plaques are purchased from artists here in the U.S.A.  One's name is Sue Mey, and her patterns can be seen at, and another is Steven Good, at

Scroll-sawn wall hangings and tree ornaments range from those with Christmas themes to career plaques honoring police, fire and military personnel. And quilters and knitters will also find sweet sayings in the scroll saw ornament area (and some have found their way into the quilt shop as well.)

Remember, Wooden Toy and Gift is celebrating a Twentieth Anniversary (and Quilters' Quarters First Anniversary) on Small Business Saturday, November 29th (Thanksgiving Day Weekend) from 11 am to 7 pm at 59 North Street, Georgetown, Massachusetts ... "Just two doors north of Perley School." Hot cocoa and tea, brownies and more will be available to those who come visit!