Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Pine Grove Art Exhibit of Wooden Toy and Gift

I'm posting a few photos here of the exhibit we set up in a Rowley school's Art Gallery Alcoves.

As one of her former co-workers explained, 
The Gallery is named in memory of Pat Marshall (thus the Pat Marshall Link Art Gallery)  and it was originally called the Link gallery, for the fact that that space "linked" all the wings of the school, and as a gallery, we hoped it would "link" the school and community. Pat was a much loved teacher, assistant principal, and then principal at Pine Grove.  She cared deeply about her staff and students and always put them first.  Pine Grove became an award winning school under her leadership.

Many of these wooden items are already listed for sale in the webstore at, and others will soon be added. (The quilts in the background of each alcove will be added to Quilters' Quarters web store soon -

Here's a look at some of the trucks placed in the "Under Construction" alcove display: