Sunday, April 17, 2016

Branching Out

Rick has been working on several projects these past few months. In addition to his scroll-saw plaques, he has been making wooden bases for table-top sewing machines that he and Terry have rejuvenated. He has also recently made an extension table for such machines. Watch for these items to appear at his webstore.
An extension table for a vintage machine
in a wooden base.

This former treadle machine is now a hand crank,
 and needs only this small wooden base
made by Rick. 
Rick's sewing machine base and extension table are made of clear pine, poplar or white oak. The table is also covered with a plexiglas surface to allow smooth movement of fabric for quilters. He doesn't stain or paint these items, preferring the natural beauty of the wood as it ages. But customers are free to embellish the wooden products to suit their own settings.

This base has two storage units with covers;
they add to the sewing surface as well.

Be sure to visit the webstore, or call Rick to talk about your own vintage machine and what it might need to be functional again.

shop phone: 978 352 2676
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Please share this blog update with your friends and neighbors who might have an old machine in their attic or garage ... we're happy to help owners learn how to restore and maintain those beauties!