Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Twelve online shopping/shipping days before Christmas week!

This past week, Wooden Toy and Gift (and Quilters' Quarters) are offering 20% discounts - one selected item per day.

At our webstores, you can purchase through PayPal; the discount will be applied and refunded to your PayPal account if you order the daily deal item before midnight Eastern Standard Time that day.

Thursday December 10th is the fourth day of this event, and Wooden Toy and Gift's webstore daily deal  is a fabric-backed ornament: it can be purchased in our shop at 59 North Street, Georgetown, MA (just 2 doors north of Perley School, 1/4 mile from Georgetown Square.) It can also be purchased online at our webstore, at this link:
Regular price: $8.00
On 12/10/15, daily deal 20% discount
= $6.40 plus tax and shipping.

Each day until December 18th this Daily Deal event will be posted here at the blog, and also at Facebook's Wooden Toy and Gift page.  The link to the item for the day will be included in the post, though at the webstore the 20% will not be seen in print, but it will be refunded to you when the order ships (first class or parcel post, depending on the weight of the article each day.) Please read the details of this two week event in the paragraph below, taken from our Quilters' Quarters blog

We operate on Eastern Standard Time, and so web store orders placed by midnight our time on the day of the sale will have the 20% of your purchase REFUNDED to your charge card VIA PAYPAL as soon as the order is filled. There will be no tax added for out-of-state orders, and shipping differences(which result because shipping cost is always a 'best guestimate") will be refunded if the estimate is more than a dollar over the actual shipping cost at the post office. Orders will be shipped within two business days, and will normally go parcel post or first class, depending on weight. 

For those receiving this notice in email, thank you for signing up to follow our newslsetter. Please feel free to forward this to your friends and family and suggest that they, too, can receive these emails each day through the 18th. After that day, the newsletter will return to its occasional (monthly?) schedule.

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